Experience a Nice Weekend Getaway, and More, at Gervasi Vineyard


JFW_2520WebMy wife celebrated a milestone birthday early this week (the number will not be provided, in fear of sleeping on the couch and/or bodily harm). To celebrate, she asked for 2 things – relaxation and wine. After researching trips to warm weather cities, weekend getaways, and winery tours, I stumbled upon Gervasi Vineyard, in Canton, Ohio. After perusing their website, I decided this was just the place I was looking for. They offer a complete package – two restaurants, a tour of the winery with food/wine pairing at the end, Italian-style villas for overnight stays (including a free breakfast delivered to your villa), massages, wine and cooking classes, and more. The attention to detail is amazing and it seems no dollar was spared to make Gervasi a great experience, even for non-wine drinkers like myself. What started out as a search for a winery tour and nice place to have dinner with friends, ended in a wonderful surprise for both my wife and I. If you are looking for a relaxing getaway, planning a wedding, or just looking for a nice restaurant (you don’t have to stay at Gervasi to eat at either of their restaurants), all for a very reasonable price, I highly recommend Gervasi Vineyard.

– Kevin

Speaking of Maps…

Our most recent White Papers written by our very own Kevin Fromet, have enlightened us about maps, map design and their use. If you haven’t read them, check them out here. When you’re done reading those, check out this article on coffee maps in New York and London. Fun idea, can’t wait for CLE to have one!


Lose Yourself in a Bookstore

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Between client meetings on a recent trip to Columbus, OH, we stopped in at the fabulous Book Loft in German Village. For those of you not familiar with this gem, it’s an independent book store housed within a pre-Civil War era building, with 35 different rooms chock full of books divided by subject matter (check out the photos below). I’ve been to this cozy book store many times, but I noticed something new this time around—they play different music in each different room. It’s fantastic! Talk about setting the mood while perusing the shelves. The music isn’t overwhelming, but it creates the most wonderful atmosphere, and clearly thought is put into the type of music going into each room. I was drawn into one of the rooms simply because of the jazz seeping out into the narrow hallway. Who knew I wanted to look at books about boating while listening to a trumpet solo? Music in a retail environment is not a new concept, but curating the music similarly to the store organization and tight spaces allows customers to get lost in a different world—similar to the worlds books provide. I can’t wait to go back and get lost again!

- Carrie

The Science Behind Fonts

It’s the little things in life that make a difference and one of the littlest is the typeface you see on a website, a magazine page, or (more often these days) on the screen of your smart phone or tablet. Recent scientific research shows that reading well-designed websites can actually make you more productive. Good solid content is the most important first step, but good content poorly designed hinders your message from getting through to your reader. The article below goes into more detail.


- Gerette

365 Days of Warby Parker

Warby Parker Annual report

Warby Parker has released their Online Annual Report for 2013 and it’s quite a delight! Check out the Report or read the AdAge review and description.

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