I Heart Signs

Boneyard Sin

I am a total sign nerd. I love good wayfinding programs and I love cool signs. On more than one occasion I have deleted pictures of my son from my camera in order to make space for a picture of a sign. One of my Wish List places to visit is the Sign Boneyard of Vegas, a repository of many amazing signs and other dimensional oddities from casinos and hotels that are taken out of commission.

The original Boneyard was owned by YESCO, a sign fabrication company, but the amount and uniqueness of the collection lead to the creation of the Neon Museum Las Vegas in 1996, where many of the signs are on display. Today in my inbox was the good news, courtesy of Design Within Reach, that they are expanding the museum and Boneyard lot into a full-on sign park for my nerdy pleasure, opening in 2011. Vegas, here I come.


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